Balancing mind, body, and spirit with divine healing energy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a divine boundless energy which Rei means “soul” or “spirit,” and Ki means “energy,” “life force,” or “Consciousness.”

Reiki therapy is a form of alternative medicine commonly known as energy healing that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It is a way of bringing us back home, of reconnecting with the essence of who we are and it removes the veil that prevents us from experiencing union with the divine.

The Energy we are talking about here is not a woo-woo concept.

It is the same energy that makes up everything on this planet. Humans connect to this universal energy as other beings through their energy fields. The body’s energy fields are composed of many electrical functions such as electrochemical, electromagnetic, and many other electrical impulses working to maintain balance in our body. This energy runs through many pathways continuously balancing our systems in a circuitous cycle. 

How will be a Reiki session?

A Reiki session typically begins with a brief discussion between the clients and me about any specific concerns or areas they would like to focus on during the session.

Once the client is comfortably lying down, fully clothed, on a massage table, or seated in a chair, I will begin the session by checking the main energy centers (Chakras) for balance, priority emotional blockages will be released, and the aura will be checked.

Then I will use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing and place my hands lightly on or just above various areas of the client’s body. During this time, I will serve as a vessel for this divine energy, gently channeling it into the client’s body, which is a non-invasive process.

What does receiving Reiki look like?

As the energy flows, it works to dissolve energetic blockages, release tension, soothe the pain, and restore the life force energy in the body. So, the clients may experience a range of sensations like warm or tingling feelings, emotions, or insights as the energy harmonizes their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Most of my clients describe feeling a deep sense of relaxation and wholeness during the session. It’s as if they are embraced in a warm cocoon of love and safety.

“In the embrace of Reiki’s healing light, wounds become wisdom, pain transforms into peace, and suffering evolves into strength.” – Setareh.R

The Prices

Reiki In Person

R800 for 90 minutes. 25% discount for seniors, individuals with terminal illnesses, and those nearing the end of life.

Reiki With Reflexology

R 900 for 90 minutes. 25% discount for seniors, first-time clients, and those with terminal illnesses.

Distance Reiki

R700 for 70 minutes for locals. R900 for 70 minutes for foreigners. 25% discount for terminal illnesses.

Reiki For Pets

R 600 for 70 minutes in person or distance healing. 10% discount for first time clint and free for animal shelters.


Nourish your body and elevate your spirit simply by answering the call of Reiki.