Quit Smoking

Inhale Fresh Air, Exhale Life

If you are tired of feeling like smoking has control over your life, or if you’ve been trying to take back your well-being by quitting smoking but haven’t been successful yet, or if you don’t know how to start on this journey to become smoke-free, you are in the right place with our expertise.


It is understandable that quitting smoking can be overwhelming, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. By quitting smoking, you not only improve your health and well-being but also save money, have more energy, enjoy better breath, and experience a better quality of life.


Our approach is holistic, addressing not only the physical addiction to nicotine but also the emotional and psychological factors that may contribute to your smoking habits. It is unique and personalized for each individual because everyone’s journey towards quitting smoking is different.


At Setareh Therapy, you will be supported not only in quitting smoking but also in creating new healthy habits. We reframe your thoughts and beliefs with healthier and more positive ones, reinforce your commitment, and reduce stress and anxiety, which are common triggers.


There is a combination of proven techniques, including the powerful use of hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapy, solution-focused therapy, positive suggestions, and visualizations to help you break the cycle of this unwanted habit and regain control of your life

To create a healthier society and environment, there are some offers to encouragement and support each individual on their journey to become a full non-smoker such as :


Medical Aid

Members of GENESIS can use their medical aid.


Having 10% discount on first session.

Free Gift Voucher

Having 60 minutes feet reflexology for detoxification

“Remember, one small positive change can lead to a snowball effect of positive changes in your life.”  -Setareh.R

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New Chapter

When you're ready to take control of your health and start your day with a deep breath of fresh air and embracing the freedom that comes with being a non-smoker, simply contact me

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