A Solid Foundation For A Lifetime Of Love & Joy For Both Mom & Baby

Preparing for parenthood is an exciting and transformative journey that demands your attention not only towards the well-being of your future child and maintaining a healthy pregnancy but also prioritizing your own health and happiness.


The first step is to understand that emotional wounds, traumas, and unhealthy patterns can be passed down from generation to generation. By recognizing the impact of emotional wounds and inherited patterns, you have the power to break the cycle and initiate the healing process. Taking this courageous step allows you to adopt positive behaviors, thoughts, and mindsets which are positively influencing your pregnancy and future generations.


On a parent’s journey, regardless of whether you’re planning a natural conception, exploring assisted reproductive techniques like IVF, or seeking to enhance overall vitality and emotional well-being, your greatest gift to your unborn child is breaking unhealthy patterns and establishing a strong, resilient legacy.

"Birth is not merely the process of producing offspring. It is also the process of empowering women to become resilient and capable mothers to collaborate with the universe to produce a healthy generation that can impact humankind."
Setareh Rajaei

Our therapy is designed to guide you towards a healing and safe pathway to cultivate a positive and fertile mindset that leads to a fertile body. Within our comforting, nurturing, and supportive environment, you will experience deep relaxation as we guide you to dive into your subconscious mind to remove mental barriers, address worries, release fears, and shift negative self-talk to positive.


Your journey towards parenthood goes beyond shifting limiting beliefs and psychological obstacles. You are able to tap into your body intelligence and unlock your inner resources to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies and tools to utilize during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

Treatment Package

Choose the beneficial design that best suits your needs and budget

The Basic Package

* Payment for per session

the Offering clients the flexibility to choose between a minimum of four therapeutic sessions, tailored to address their specific issues and find solutions, or simply indulge in regular relaxation sessions every month before and/or during pregnancy.

The Silver Package

* * One payment

Offering 6 sessions with a 5% discount, this package provides clients with additional services for mind coaching every two weeks. Clients will learn a customized self-hypnosis technique and enjoy a complimentary relaxing session for couples.

The Golden Package

* * Two payments

Offering 8 sessions with a 10% discount, provides diverse alternative modalities, personalized hypnotic recordings, and customized solutions to address clients' specific needs. Clients will receive mind coaching every week, valuable tools, and two gift vouchers.

If you are prepared to embark on a path of healthy and resilient motherhood, begin your journey by reaching out for a free 30-minute consultation.